Friday, July 14, 2006


Projects I'm currently working on and and will write more about when I have to quit procrastinating and finish them:

1. Revising a paper written for a class to better suit the panel I'm presenting it at. The paper is titled "'With the water of my tears': How Parents and Children Respond to War and Torture in Persepolis." Persepolis is the comic book-style autobiography of Marjane Satrapi who grew up the duaghter of secular progressive parents in Islamic Revolution Iran. The book rocks. My title is a quote from the domestic worker in Satrapi's home when she learns that the government is trying to get her elementary school-age child excited about going off to war with the promise great sex in the afterlife. Mrs. Nasarine says something like, "I raised him with the water of my tears and now they want to kill him." My paper will be presented in the "Literature, Torture and Human Rights" panel at the M/MLA Convention in Chicago this November.

2. Writing an essay for, hopefully, inclusion in a collection called "Men Speak Out: ProFeminist Views on Gender, Sex and Power." I'm still trying to decide exactly what approach to take with the piece. I'll probably work through some ideas on here.


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