Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How'd I get here?

No posts in two days. I should write about something...But what. Things are kinda dull at the moment.

I'll tell y'all about my first semester of grad school, which actually took place in the Spring. After a painful, but brief stint as a public high school school English teacher--only one semester--I decided to quit. After I broke down crying in front of my department chair and after waking up every morning dreading going to work, I realized that the job was not sustainable for me. I just simply could not be what the students needed.

Incidentally, neither could two other teachers. I stayed the full fall term. The lady who replaced me was a displaced university professor from New Orleans. She stayed about two months. The woman who replaced her resigned in May.

So anyway, on November 1, 2005, I sent an email to Chair of the English Department at the state university I to as an undergrad. I asked if there was a possibility I could get an assistantship for the Spring if applied for graduate study there. Her reaction was something along the lines of, "Sure!" I was up front with her that I intended only to be there one semester while I finished applications for other grad programs. She probably didn't really care at that point because she had just dealt with the semester from hell--a hurricane shut the city and the university down for about a month and ravaged the building housing the English Dept.--and she was retiring as Chair in December. (She ended up writing letters of rec for me and TWU, the school I'm going to in the Fall, is her alma mater.)

That's enough for one post.


Blogger BikeProf said...

I had almost exactly the same experience teaching high school. I made it a full year, but barely. Grad school is the right choice, I'm sure.

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